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Commercial Interior Solutions With Acoustic Panels

Does sound echo around your office space? Bounce off the classroom walls? Cause a din in your minimalist restaurant? Or perhaps you’ve inherited a noisy neighbour.

A growing body of research shows poor acoustics can affect our social interactions, limit workplace productivity, interfere with medical recovery time and hinder learning. Reverberated noise can also have a negative impact on mood and health.

Whether you are a tenant in an established commercial space, or building one from scratch, your customers deserve a peaceful environment; your patients a stress-free space in which to heal; your diners a relaxing atmosphere; and your employees an intelligible space that allows them to focus and communicate effectively.

By harnessing the power of sound control with acoustic panelling, you can transform your commercial interior into a high-quality sound environment that also looks great – regardless of your industry.

Thanks to their ability to absorb sound over a large area, acoustic panels have proven to be an easy – and versatile – solution to reducing noise in environments such as:

•  Offices

•  Shops

•  Educational institutions

•  Healthcare facilities

•  Restaurants

•  Studios

•  Auditoriums

•  Theatres

•  Conference rooms

•  Factories

By reducing background noise and reverberation, acoustic panels enhance speech intelligibility, making it easier for individuals to understand and engage in conversations.


Wall And Himmel article Ceiling Acoustic Solutions

Wall and Ceiling Acoustic Solutions

In environments where clear communication is essential, acoustic panels are a crucial interior design addition, transforming spaces by effectively controlling echo and minimising noise transmission.

How acoustic panels work

Reverberation time is the amount of time needed for sound to fade away, and heavily impacts how a room sounds. A high reverberation time will cause a build-up of noise and make it difficult to understand speech.

Unlike traditional wall and ceiling materials which reflect sound, acoustic panels are engineered to absorb sound waves, thus reducing reverberation and creating a more comfortable and acoustically balanced environment.


Himmel’s world-leading acoustic panelling products

As an industry-leading supplier of globally recognised interior brands, Himmel proudly distributes many acoustic panelling products that integrate design and performance across a range of environments.

For example, the use of Troldtekt acoustic panels in the Danish Association of Managers and Executives head office enabled their architects to preserve the look and feel of the raw concrete and brick structure of the former industrial complex, while ensuring the acoustics provided comfort and confidence for staff. The goal was to create the perfect environment for meetings.

In Perth, Western Australia, Himmel Timber Battens brought Il Locale restaurant to life acoustically – and visually, with a sleek, modern finish.

Our team of acoustic panelling experts is able to advise on and exclusively offer the best choice of brand and product for your specific interior space. Our acoustic panelling brands are:


Acoustic products and systems that contribute to a great working environment by enhancing wellbeing and performance.


Australia’s leading manufacturer of plaster products such as plasterboard-based ceiling tiles. Gyprock is a driver of innovation, influencing interior trends in the home design, commercial and architectural space.


A balance between science and design, Martini products are engineered to help reduce sound reverberation where it matters most.


Innovative and sustainable ceiling systems for almost every industry. OWA is focused on delivering high-quality, high-performance products that last.


Natural wood and cement products designed, developed and manufactured under state-of-the-art, eco-friendly conditions.


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Acoustic Panel Materials And Their Benefits

Himmel’s partnerships with the world’s most sought-after interior brands put it at the forefront of intelligent spaces and interior acoustic solutions. Our range of acoustic panel products allows us to find the perfect balance of design and functionality for any commercial interior.

From modular blades designed to reflect distinctive harmonised sounds (used in Mountain High Shopping Centre in Victoria), to mineral fibre ceiling tiles with premium acoustic properties and a modern, monolithic finish, our brands and the materials they use offer performance and quality that lasts. Himmel’s acoustic panel solutions includes products engineered from the following materials:

Glass wool

Effective sound absorption across a range of frequencies, and able to be designed for specialty areas where high performance, high humidity resistance and cleanability are important.

Polyester fibre

Engineered for high noise absorption – and aesthetic vision – in rooms with reverberation and echo, such as open-plan offices, classrooms and retail spaces.

Wood wool

A favourite among designers because of the range to choose from. Cork, acoustic plywood and medium density fibreboard (MDF) are among the best wood types for acoustic applications.


Versatile acoustic performance, easy to maintain and suitable across a range of commercial building applications, including shopping centres, factories, warehouses, offices and retail spaces.

Mineral fibre

From all-round performance to top-tier sound absorption and cleanability and mould resistance, mineral fibre offers a solution for almost any acoustic problem.


Sound Absorption And The Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) Rating

Acoustic panelling products can be rated across several performance criteria.

The Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) is used to measure the amount of sound absorption a material can offer; the higher the rating, the greater the sound absorption provided by the material. You can find the NRC rating for many of our offered products on the Himmel website.

The Ceiling Attenuation Class (CAC) value gives an indication of how well a suspended ceiling prevents sound from transmitting between rooms and office spaces. The higher the CAC value (up to 50dB), between, the more effective the tile is at preventing sound transmission. For example, acoustical tiles with a CAC of 27dB have poor sound blocking capabilities, where a CAC of 41dB, such as OWA Sinfoina Privacy, has excellent sound blocking capabilities. A rating of 31db and higher is considered good.

Photo of Himmel project using Troldtekt panels in restaurant Strandtangen in DenmarkA Himmel project using Troldtekt panels in restaurant Strandtangen in Denmark.


Dynamic Acoustic Design

Sound absorption is one of the most important characteristics of interior design, yet acoustic solutions are about more than just acoustics. They are key to creating healthy, comfortable and visually appealing spaces for working, learning and healing.

Visual appeal

Not only can the shape and configuration of acoustic panels be engineered to reflect distinctive types of sounds, they can also be manufactured into different shapes to create a dramatic visual impact. Think: colour, texture, tiles, linear panels, grille and baffle, cubes.

Ceiling system with a twist
In Melbourne, OWA’s unique free-hanging ceiling system removed the need for generic grids and tiles for the Accent Group head office. The mineral fibre ‘clouds’ combined design and functionality to provide a ceiling system with a twist, while ensuring high acoustic absorption. This system can be installed in any pattern to create a cloud-like appearance – perfect for offices, retail spaces and schools.

Photo of OWA ceiling clouds product available at Himmel


Dynamic stadium appeal
The perforated plasterboard pattern of Gyprock Rigitone on the ceilings of Sydney Football Stadium’s corporate areas, VIP entrance and eastern main concourse delivered dynamic visual interest while also cushioning sound. The high performance, sound absorptive Martini dECO Quiet Board by CSR Martini was used in areas that didn’t require the perforated visuals of Gyprock’s Rigitone.

Photo of the new Sydney Football Stadium a successful Himmel project


Health and Wellbeing

As well as acoustics, lighting, layout and aesthetics all contribute to wellbeing – whether you’re an employee, customer, student or patient.

Centrepiece for mental health
Mental health was at the forefront of the design process for the new premises of Western Australia’s Mental Health Commission. Interior design firm HASSELL investigated the meaning of wellness within the workplace and how the physical environment can allow people to thrive. The end product was a striking and unique ceiling centrepiece that offered benefits spanning acoustics and lighting.

Photo of the Mental Health Commission project in Perth



Sustainability: Building A Better Future

As an industry-leading supplier, it is our responsibility to reduce our footprint and strive for a future with minimal impact on the planet – while also ensuring our partners are moving towards a sustainable future.

Himmel is proud to partner with globally recognised brands that are equally passionate about sustainability, and are continually evolving their methodologies to reduce their environmental footprint.

Learn more about the sustainability of each of our products.


Commercial Acoustic Advice

With Himmel’s impressive range of commercial interior system products and accessories, including acoustic panels, our global product portfolio ensures the design and functionality needs of any commercial project can be met.

Explore our innovative range of acoustic solutions in our latest Product Guide, or get technical and design advice from our experienced team of Account Managers.

All of our products and systems are backed by a comprehensive warranty, whether they are manufactured in Australia or sourced from a trusted international partner.

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