Futuretech @ Arden Street

Inspiration Futuretech @ Arden Street
New approach to classroom pedagogy

Futuretech @ Arden Street Victoria is a new training facility that is dedicated to the needs of the electrical trades industry. The project was designed within a building that was over one hundred years old, rich with heritage elements. The interior encapsulates flexible learning spaces, supporting a new and exciting approach to classroom pedagogy.

CSR Himmel supplied the Linus Bale System with black 50mm insulation backing, OWA Sinfonia 1200x600mm mineral fibre ceilings and Steel Grid in white to the project at Arden Street. The ceiling space needed to aid the creation of a space that catered for a diverse range of educational delivery styles.

Acoustics played a large role in the design of this fit out space, with the area being used for a variety of workshops, collaborative learning and lecture type sessions. The introduction of insulation over the Linus Bale System increased the NRC of the open areas, and the use of OWA Sinfonia guaranteed a high acoustic performance, perfect for the hallways and computer labs that it was installed into.

Overall, the final product resulted in a clean and modern look which brought together design and functionality in a new age education space.

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