Restaurant Strandtangen, Denmark

Inspiration Restaurant Strandtangen
Black acoustic ceilings with milled grooves

At Restaurant Strandtangen in Skive (DK), high-quality raw ingredients and a stylish interior create a memorable dining experience. Black acoustic ceilings with milled grooves create an intimate atmosphere and a beautiful play of light and shadows.

“The restaurant needed some TLC. We wanted to create a more inviting environment for our guests, while allowing them to enjoy scenic views and good food”, says Maria.

The result of the collaboration is the intimate restaurant, where dark oak floors and a black acoustic ceiling add an air of exclusivity. Despite the simplicity of the restaurant, the attention to detail is second to none. A black leather sofa is integrated with the wall, there is a burning fire, subdued lighting and a large glass-walled wine room. The simple but ingenious style is also reflected in the menu of delicious food made from the best locally sourced raw ingredients.

The ceiling solution – Troldtekt line – plays a key role in the design. Troldtekt line provides an elegant and uniform ceiling surface with no visible joins, which exudes the calmness characteristic of wood batten ceilings.

“The black acoustic panels with milled grooves running the length of the rooms are the focal point. They create a lovely play of shadows, and a spatial experience that allows guests to concentrate on the food, the conversation and the beautiful view,” says designer Søren Vester.

“I think it’s great how Troldtekt has challenged and developed its core product in a new design solution. It’s made of the same simple materials, but Troldtekt has experimented with its acoustic panels and used them to create an exciting new look. Troldtekt line removes the boundaries between the acoustic panels, turning the surface into a seamless whole. It’s quite brilliant in my view.”

Søren Vester (Architect) also highlights the sustainable advantages of the acoustic panels, which are made of the natural materials wood and cement.

CSR Himmel is excited to launch Troldtekt Line and the entire Troldtekt Design portfolio. Combining the fantastic acoustic properties of Troldtekt Wood Wool Panels with unique routed designs, we can’t wait to see how Australian Architects mix and match products to create their own custom looks. The opportunities are endless!

The above case study has been provided by the Troldtekt website.

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