Fricker Inverted U/Slimline Aluminium Grid System

Fricker Inverted U/Slimline Aluminium Grid System

Fricker Inverted U/Slimline Aluminium Grid is a versatile grid system that is used to create an aesthetically pleasing design. Proudly Australia made and owned.

Product Properties
  • 14mm Face
  • Mitred to suit 1200×600 and 600×600 tiles
  • Extruded aluminium finish
  • Colour Fricker White
Product Size  Each/Carton
MRTH14 Main Runner – Mitred 3600x49x14mm 40
CRTH14 Cross Runner – Mitred 1200x49x14mm
 WASLAF Shadowline Wall Angle 3660x10x10mm 30
 ANLAF L Angle 20mm 3250x25x20mm 10
 ANLAF L Angle 12mm 3250x25x12mm 10
 C Spline 1185x21x10mm
Product  Each/Carton
 Main Runner Joiner Clip 100
 Suspension Clip 100
 Dead End Light Clip 100

*Colours are similar to RAL

Fricker Inverted U/Slimline Aluminium Ceiling Grid is a premium system that is designed for high end commercial applications. Manufactured in Sydney, the Fricker Aluminium Ceiling Grid range is available in Top Hat, Flush Face and Slimline profiles and can be manufactured in 1200 x 1200mm, 1350 x 1350mm and 1500 x 1500mm module (modules can include 2 – 5 tiles). CSR Himmel can deliver an Aluminium Grid System that is customisable to your project needs.

Fricker is available in a diverse range of solutions to suit various commercial developments including offices, education facilities, healthcare facilities, retail and industrial developments.

Fricker is proudly Australian Made and Owned.

Detailed assembly procedures, including drawings, are available on request and should be viewed in conjunction with these instructions. Technical assistance is also available on request.

Marks can be removed using a soft damp cloth with a mild liquid detergent. Stubborn marks may be removed using a soft cream cleanser on a soft damp cloth, however, excessive rubbing should be avoided as scratching or permanent marking of the powder coat surface may result.

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