Himmel Aluminium SOHO Series

Himmel Aluminium SOHO Series

The Himmel Aluminium SOHO Series provides designers with the option to retro-fit windows and doors, achieving a Crittall style window, reminiscent of the SOHO Style of New York. Available in two different profiles; flat and raised, the SOHO Series is easy to and install and is in stock and ready for your next project. The SOHO Series is designed to provide an artistic feel to the suits and are not necessary to strengthen the structure of the partitioning in situ.

The lightweight, cost-effective alternative to traditional glazing is easier to fabricate and install, while refusing to compromise on its stunning industrial-inspired aesthetics.

Being extremely versatile, the Himmel Aluminium SOHO Series is capable of combining with Himmel Partition suites to deliver unique solutions for the office that’s on-trend. The lightweight aluminium is attached to the glazing with industrial strength adhesive and can be positioned onto the glazing panel in a variety of ways, limited by the imagination.

The Soho Series consist of two 35mm options; A-Frame Bars and Flat Bars, both of which are intended to complement the visual appeal of Aluminium Himmel Partition Suites and Doors. Soho is designed to provide an artistic feel to the suites and are not necessary to strengthen the structure of the partitioning in-situ.

Product Properties
  • Matt Black Aluminium
  • Available in 3.6m lengths
Photo of Himmel Aluminum SOHO partition cross section

To install the Soho series, the below procedure is recommended:

  • Plan and design the layout of your Soho look
  • Designed to be back to back in line with each other, so that the pieces are not visible on the other side
  • Place 18mm double-sided tape onto the Soho surface
  • In addition to tape, we recommend placing polymer adhesive and sealant close to both ends of the trim and on every lineal metre. This creates a high bond hold which reinforces the weak points to ensure that it does not peel
  • Place the Soho pieces on the glazing panel to create your desired look
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