Martini dECO Blades with Verto Suspension System

Martini dECO Blades with Verto Suspension System

Curated for targeted sound absorption Martini dECO blades features a series of modular blades that have been engineered and designed to reflect distinctive harmonised sounds.

Martini dECO Blades and VERTO™ have been curated to perfectly interact with each other.

The two provide the benefits of simple installation and structural flexibility to create bespoke design effects through our patented snap on technology. The dECO Blades collection aesthetically enhances any space and reduces unwanted background noise.

Australian Made

Licensed by Australian Made Campaign Limited to use the Australian Made Logo.

Intended Use Interior Decorative acoustic blades for ceilings and walls
Designs Available in: Linear, Wedge, Arrow and Movement Profiles
Blade Thickness 27mm (Tolerance: +/- 2mm)
Blade Lengths 2400mm, 1800mm and 1200mm

(Tolerance: +/- 2mm)

Fire Resistance Complies with AS 5637.1 and is tested to AS/ ISO 9705 and achieves Group 1-S SMOGRA less than 100 m2/s2 x 1000
Acoustic Performance Tested to AS/ISO 354 with acoustic infill and achieves:

Abstract: NRC 0.95

Geo: NRC 0.95

Incline: NRC 0.95

Rubix: NRC 0.80

Shatter: NRC 1.00

Warranty 15 Year Product Warranty
Installation dECO 3D Tiles are friction-fit mounted on acoustic infill which is attached to the wall with pressure-sensitive adhesive backing.

dECO Blades are available in the following dECO Felt Colours

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