Martini dECO Screens

Martini dECO Screens

Martini dECO Screens features a series of decorative acoustic screens that elevate any room it graces. The collection can be configured, shaped, and customised to suit the design statement of any space.

Whether utilised as room separators or an added element of visual art, Martini dECO Screens works to balance out everyday noise- with absorptive recycled polyester, as well as decorative integration that immediately optimises any environment for work, study or play.

Australian Made

Licensed by Australian Made Campaign Limited to use the Australian Made Logo.

Application Vertical hanging decorative acoustic room divider or wall features
Designs Available in: Leaf, Lines, Dots,Breeze and Fracture profiles

Thickness 27mm (Tolerance: +/- 2mm)
Height 2400mm, 2700mm
Fire Resistance Complies with AS 5637.1 and is tested to AS/ ISO 9705 and achieves Group 1-S SMOGRA less than 100 m2/s2 x 1000
Acoustic Performance Tested to AS/ISO 354 and dECO substrate achieves NRC 0.65 (Direct Fix)
Warranty 15 Year Product Warranty
Installation dECO Screens are installed on the Verto ™ system that can be direct fixed, suspended from soffit or ceiling grid, free hanging or under tension. For more details, refer to dECO Screens datasheet and Installation Guide.

dECO Screens are available in the following dECO Felt Colours

Proudly Australian owned and manufactured with over 27 years of experience, our acoustic products have been specially engineered to perform across multiple environments. Offering non-exposed insulation, semi exposed absorptive products, and decorative acoustic solutions to be used alone or in combination, CSR Martini are the experts at integrating design and performance so that the desired outcome is reached both functionally and aesthetically.

You can genuinely feel, see, and hear the difference with CSR Martini products. Everything created is a balance between science and design. Products are engineered to help minimise and reduce sound reverberation where it matters most.

When you support CSR Martini you support Australia by buying Australian Made and Owned products. CSR Martini stand the test of time, as well as the test of sound.

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