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Ceilings for Healing

Design and Specification Guide for Healthcare Settings

The world underwent a major transformation after the pandemic. The struggles of the healthcare and aged care sector were highlighted, particularly those of staff and vulnerable patients. As a result there is now a greater awareness of the link between environment design, health and sustainability.

Now, more than ever, there is an adherence to evidenced-based design principles for healthcare settings. Evidenced-based design is the process of basing design and construction decisions on scientific research to achieve optimal patient outcomes.

The goal of evidenced-based design is simple; through thoughtful design and material specification, it is possible to improve patient and staff wellbeing, patient healing, stress reduction, and safety. The key parameters to achieve this in a healthcare setting include thermal comfort, acoustics, air quality, daylighting, cleanliness, and sustainability.

A well-designed ceiling system address all these parameters to create a positive healthcare environment. As we examine below, with the right specifications, ceilings can enhance the acoustic quality of a space, support infection control and cleaning measures, enhance natural light and add elements of sustainability to a healthcare building.

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