Martini Soffit

Martini Soffit

A high performing exposed insulation solution, Martini Soffit allows you to maintain design integrity of a building with exposed ceilings and still get all the acoustic benefits. Sheets can come precision cut to size with pre-drilled holes for ease of installation.

Product Properties

Martini Soffit is our number one Acoustic Insulation product for exposed areas.

  • Thermally bonded polyester fibre insulation specifically designed to provide high performance sound absorption across a range of frequencies.
  • Made in a range of densities and thicknesses with fibre blends specifically engineered to provide maximum acoustic performance in diverse commercial, community and industrial applications.
  • Laminated smooth surface provides a decorative finish showcasing an aesthetically pleasing solution.
  • Pre-drilled holes allow for straightforward installation, reducing labour costs.
  • Non-irritant and does not require any protective clothing or masks during installation.
  • Available in black, white and grey.
Australian Made and Owned

Licensed by Australian Made Campaign Limited to use the Australian Made Logo.

Proudly Australian owned and manufactured with over 27 years of experience, our acoustic products have been specially engineered to perform across multiple environments. Offering non-exposed insulation, semi exposed absorptive products, and decorative acoustic solutions to be used alone or in combination, CSR Martini are the experts at integrating design and performance so that the desired outcome is reached both functionally and aesthetically.

You can genuinely feel, see, and hear the difference with CSR Martini products. Everything created is a balance between science and design. Products are engineered to help minimise and reduce sound reverberation where it matters most.

When you support CSR Martini you support Australia by buying Australian Made and Owned products. CSR Martini stand the test of time, as well as the test of sound.

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