Troldtekt Design

Troldtekt Design

Troldtekt Design combines the acoustic and aesthetic benefits of classic Troldtekt panels, with the added feature of CNC routed designs. They add a creative touch to any space, and can be used on both ceilings and walls.

Troldtekt Design panels are available in Ultrafine structure and a wide range of colours. Panels are supplied pre-finished and are very easy to install.

CSR Himmel stock Natural & Black colour Troldtekt Line Panels – product details can be found below. Other Designs and colours are available to order; subject to Minimum Order Quantity and lead time.

Product Properties

Troldtekt line acoustic panels feature linear surface grooves – each panel has ten evenly spaced grooves. When the acoustic panels are joined together, the grooves are continuous along the entire surface, offering a seamless look. Each long side of the panel has a half groove, so that an extra groove is formed where panels are joined on the wall or ceiling.

  • Panel Dimensions: 1200x600x35mm
  • Product Weight: 10.2KG per panel
  • Unique Linear Design
  • Good Acoustic Properties
  • Panels are supplied pre-finished, however they can be spray painted onsite if required.

Troldtekt Ceiling and Wall Panels provide good acoustic performance. An NRC of 0.50 through to 1.00 can be achieved, depending on the installation method. Please see our Acoustic Guide or speak to a Himmel Account Manager for more information.

Troldtekt Wood Wool Panels achieve a Group 1 Fire Rating in accordance with AS 5637.1:2015.

Gold Cradle to Cradle Certification

Troldtekt Panels achieve Gold Cradle to Cradle certification.

This certification is based on three fundamental design principles – recycling, renewable energy and diversity.



Troldtekt Panels are FSC certified, supporting responsible forestry operations.

Troldtekt is a natural material consisting of 50% wood, and the panels will therefore ‘work’ in order to achieve the same temperature and moisture level as their surroundings. DO NOT begin installing Troldtekt panels before the building has been completed and the air conditioning has been turned on. Ensure panels are acclimatised correctly to the environment prior to install.


Please see our ‘Storage and Acclimatisation’ document for further information.

Troldtekt Wood Wool Panels can be quick & easily installed in two ways – either tiles dropped into a Standard 24mm Lay In Grid System, or Direct Fixed to a metal furring channel or wooden battens using Troldtekt colour matched Screws.



The panels are easy to cut with standard woodworking tools. Given that the panels are pre-finished, no sealing or painting is required. Simply install and you’re done! If needed, panels can also be spray painted on-site.

Access Panels are available for ceiling installs, stocked in 1200x600mm and 600x600mm size. For further details please see access panel installation guides in the supplier download section.


For more information around installation methods, read our Troldtekt Installation Guide which can be found underneath the supplier download section of this product page

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